The Special Needs of Seniors with Dementia

Dementia is a heartbreaking condition. Seniors who suffer from it do not know they do, and loved ones struggle to understand how it can so easily take away so much. The good news is dementia isn’t unmanageable.

Caregivers can learn how to get to know their senior loved one in a new way. The best way to do this is by understanding their special needs.

Agree to Disagree

Seniors with dementia believe what they think, so trying to convince them of something different won’t be easy or possible. A good rule of thumb is if your older loved one thinks something that isn’t going to hurt anyone, allow him/her to believe it. It will make your senior happy and you won’t have to suffer from an argument.



Seniors with dementia often feel unsafe and lost. Providing compassion can quickly help them relax. A hug, comforting hand on the shoulder, or just stroking the hair can do so much for seniors in the way of helping them feel more at peace.


Physical activity can reduce the symptoms of dementia in seniors. Taking a walk or engaging exercises that get the heart beating a little faster can help blood flow easier. This can clear the mind and help seniors remain calm and grounded.

Mental Work

Mental work doesn’t always have to be in the form of puzzles. Engaging in conversations in which seniors discuss thoughts, feelings, and emotions can make the mind work in ways that can help relieve some of the symptoms of dementia.

Healthy Foods and Drinks

A senior’s body and mind need healthy foods and drinks to function optimally. Be sure your older loved one eats a well-balanced meal every day and drinks plenty of water. This will not only help with staying healthy, but it will also help seniors feel good, which can make dealing with the symptoms of dementia much easier.

Patience on Hard Days

There will be hard days when dementia takes center stage. Patience through those hardest days will be the life preserver. Try to understand this is not your senior doing this to you, but instead, it’s his/her mind doing it to him/her. It can be easier to get through it when you know it’s not really your loved one who is being so difficult.

Putting Dementia to the Side

Dementia is just a piece of your senior loved one – it’s not your loved one. Appreciate the good days, and hold on throughout the hard days.

Bookmark this article when you’re faced with a hard day. Reading it over again will help you feel stronger, so you can get through your day with dementia’s effects.

Always know your loved one appreciates you even if it may not seem that way. You’re doing a great job! Just hold on and love your senior for the person he/she was and is now.