Free home care assessment

What is An In-Home Assessment?

When looking for a home care agency to assist with your loved one’s needs, you will often see agency’s offering Free in-home assessments. So just what is it?

Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services’ offers a Home Safety Checklist and in-home assessment that is conducted by a registered nurse to identify any obvious hazards present in the home (as well as any potential hazards) with the main purpose of making sure the adult individual can remain safely in the home for as long as possible.

Additionally, the Home Safety Checklist and in-home assessment can identify any actual or potential health needs of individuals and/or their families. The assessment can take up to an hour to complete. During this time the registered nurse will ask the individual and involved family members questions to get an idea of the needs and expected outcomes.

Our comprehensive assessment provides the individual with pertinent information that helps determine if home care is needed. Some of the information assessed includes:

  • Medical history
  • Medications
  • Living habits
  • Eating habits
  • Functional Activities of Daily Living
  • Housing profile
  • Emotional well-being

Moments At Home wants to make sure that our client’s moments at home are safe. We check the HOME:

  1. Home safety is the hallmark of our services because when the home is safe the individual can remain in the home longer, which is more cost-effective than living in a nursing facility. A sense of safety improves an individual’s quality of life by allowing them to age in place, improve happiness and independence. The Home Safety Checklist and in-home assessment includes things like checking for cabinet height, throw rugs, and castor wheels on furniture.
  2. Operational and mobility in the home is important for the individual to feel a sense of freedom. Our assessment will reveal if the individual can perform the activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, getting dressed, doing the laundry, preparing meals, and shopping or running errands safely. All of which contributes to the individual’s welfare and benefit.

By recognizing any barriers to activities of daily living we can offer the right type of support to help the individual remain in their home and find delight in a more satisfying quality of life.

  1. Mental health assessments can identify depression or anxiety as the individual tries to deal with the changes that are associated with the aging process. This assessment can tell us if your loved one could be at risk for social isolation. Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services has staff that can also recognize signs of cognitive decline.
  2. Evaluating the individual carefully, Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services can create a customized plan of care that will yield the best outcomes…and avoid needless expenses!

Many psychologists agree that the human has a certain number of needs which include:

  • Physiological (Physical)
  • Security (Safety)
  • Social (Love and Belonging)
  • Ego (Self-Esteem)
  • Self-Actualization (Creativity)

Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Care Services goes above and beyond to ensure the well being of your loved one. Our Home Safety Checklist and  in-home assessment is more thorough and comprehensive than most other companies because we take the whole family involved into consideration.

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“When you know better, do better”, is a familiar saying. Our free, no obligation Home Safety Checklist and in-home assessment from Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services, will empower you to make the best decision for your loved one.