Benefits of a Homemaker/Companion

Aging is inevitable and seniors who can adjust to the transition and demands often do better than those who cannot. One way to make this transition smoother is with a good social support system.

Most support will come from family members but in some cases, family members cannot meet this need. This is often due to illness, stress from responsibilities, or some other factors. As a result, social support will need to come from another source…the Homemaker/Companion.

Homemaker/Companions are often stereotyped as the person who cleans, bathes or feeds an individual and that’s it! Actually, the homemaker/companion can provide support through conversation and activities. Our seniors like to reminisce about times past and many like to discuss current events. These conversations promote positive self-awareness while specific activities encourage independence.

Another benefit to having a homemaker/companion in the home is for the companionship they provide. Reading, playing cards or other games allows the senior to sharpen their cognitive skills. Planning trips and outings involves the senior in the decision-making process which in turn encourages independence.

A homemaker as a companion can ease the feeling of loneliness and the stress that loneliness causes. It is believed that one’s physical health is directly impacted by loneliness due to rising blood pressure which increases the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Overall, the benefits of a caregiver:

  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Promotes self esteem
  • Eases loneliness
  • Lessen depression
  • Offers mental stimulation

The homemaker/companion is not just beneficial to the senior, it also allows the person providing care to a loved one a much needed break.  The physical demands on a family member or friend caring for a senior can take it’s toll on an individual.

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