How Physical Activity Improves the Mind, Body, and Soul

How Physical Activity Improves the Mind, Body, and Soul


You’ve heard it many, many times. Exercise is good for you. Unfortunately, many people only engage in physical activity when they want to lose weight. This isn’t the best way to look at exercising because it doesn’t keep people active long term. Instead, people exercise, lose weight and then stop or they exercise, don’t lose weight, and stop.

Physical activity isn’t only about burning calories. There are other benefits that improve not only the body and how it functions but also the mind and soul.

How Physical Activity Improves the Mind

How does your body move? Your brain makes it move. When your brain has to work to make your body move, it is getting a workout too.

As people age, the brain begins to slow down, especially when it doesn’t do as much as it used to do. For instance, working all day at a job and then taking care of household duties and loved ones. Many older individuals don’t have just a full, busy life, which results in less activity and declining brain health.

Brain health can greatly improve with regular physical activity. It can help boost memory and logical thinking, which can be very important to those at high risk for Alzheimer’s disease or dementia.

How Physical Activity Improves the Soul


Physical activity makes people get up and get moving. This can lead to experiencing things they wouldn’t otherwise sitting or lying on a couch or bed.

Being out in nature can reduce anxiety. Meeting other people who are outside exercising can help improve mood.

Some types of exercises such as yoga and meditation are highly beneficial in connecting with the soul and strengthening faith in oneself and a Higher Power.


How Physical Activity Improves the Body


The more you move, the more muscle you’ll build. This can come in handy when you need to pick up something heavy.

Stretching increases flexibility, which can prevent serious injuries from a fall.

Getting the heart beating faster gets the blood pumping and that can lead to a reduction in blood pressure, cholesterol, and other heart-related medical issues.

Get Up, Get Moving, Feel Better Overall


No matter your age, it’s beneficial to engage in physical activity. It improves your mind, body, and soul. As people grow older, the importance of exercising becomes greater.

Encourage the seniors in your life to move more and do it with them. It can help everyone live happy and healthy.

Disclaimer: Always check with your doctor before engaging in new physical activity to ensure it is safe for your body. Exercise is beneficial when performed in a way that strengthens the mind, body, and soul – not hurts it. Reach out to medical professionals for additional guidance.

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