Juggling Work at Home and Caring for Parents

black office rolling chair near white wooden desk Juggling Working at Home and Caring for Parents

Since the pandemic hit, the new norm has placed a lot of workers in the home to carry out their 9 to 5 duties. But for those with aging parents in the home, working from home can be met with some challenges.

Challenge #1 Role Reversal

If you find yourself caring for a senior parent, you may have noticed that the tables have turned to where you are now acting in the role as parent this can be a challenge. When you have children, the relationship and boundaries are understood…you are the boss. Not so when you find yourself caring for a senior (and it’s more of a challenge when the senior has dementia).

Challenge #2 Role Dedication

Because you are caring for someone you really care about (i.e., a parent, an aunt/uncle or sibling), you can experience some complex feelings or emotions. Your dedication and commitment to your new role can become emotionally draining because you care so much for the one you are caring for. This will make it hard to focus on those video conferences, presentations and other functions you would usually perform at the office. You may also find that you are neglecting your family and self.

Challenge #3 Role Conflict

If you are a caregiver for a loved one, you have come to learn that there are just not enough hours in a day. Turning your home into an adult day care and workplace can be a difficult transition where you will find yourself making sacrifices like sleeping or eating.

Clear Light BulbSolution…

Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services, can handle some of the load while you focus on working from home. Here’s how we can help:

  1. Minimize disturbances: When you experience repeated disturbances this can affect your productivity, cause you to lose focus, or interrupt important conference calls or meetings. Moments At Home can be there to tend to your loved one’s needs so you can focus on work.
  2. Companionship: Socialization for elders is so very important because oftentimes they feel that they lack a sense of purpose and lack of involvement. Moments At Home can provide socialization and interaction in the form of games or conversation.
  3. Safety: Moments At Home can assist your loved one to the bathroom, prepare and set up meals, and remind them to take their medications while you concentrate on that important project that is due by 3pm. Knowing that your loved one is in safe capable hands should provide you with comfort and ease.

Our caregivers are available to assist. So, if you work days, evenings, nights or weekends, you can count on Moments At Home to help you care for your loved one while you concentrate on your job. Caring for a loved one while working from home can be stressful and overwhelming. And even if you have some assistance during work hours, what about after work. Moments At Home Respite Care and Home Services can give you a well deserve break where you can enjoy happy hour with co-workers. Or perhaps you want to take in a movie after work…Respite Care services is an option.

To learn more about how Moments At Home can assist you, contact us at 847-497-0654 or schedule your free, no obligation in-home assessment.



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